Sunday, January 25, 2015

MBFWA 15 | Schueller de Waal (part 3)

The last show I visited was the collection by Schueller de Waal. I liked the outerwear pieces the best. The frayed cropped denim jacket is something I see me wearing in the near future. Another piece I liked is the furry coat both in black and orange. Again these pieces look so ready to wear. 

Overall it was a good show with some pieces I liked and other pieces I didn't so much liked. 
I liked the idea that they made two versions out of each garment, varying in fabrics and colours. It's like you can wear the same garment in a day or night version. And the two versions walk simultaneously on the catwalk that is divided in two catwalks. It is a nice concept, but maybe it worked better in a bigger space. 

What do you think of the show by Schueller de Waal?

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