Thursday, January 29, 2015

STYLING | Three sportoutfits for different impact activities

I've been working out more and trying to eat healthy the last month. Since I've neglected my gym membership for a while, I needed to have some motivation ready. And a way I  motivate myself to get off the couch is by wearing fun and nice sportswear. It can also come handy for later on, when I'm running 10K at the Nike Women Night Run! Yes, I've decided to join so I must commit to the whole gym thing. And I must say it's going quite well so far, so I'm hoping it sticks. I'm really a noob on this whole running thing, so do you have any tips?

I've compiled some sportoutfits based on different impacts. Low, Medium and High impact.
Below you can see the looks!

What do you think of these outfits?
Are you dedicated to the gym?

P.S. I took these with my new camera, so much more convenient than my previous one!

x J.

The first outfit is based on low impact activities. Activities that includes almost no cardio. I like to wear this for a class of 'Bodybalance' which is TaiChi, Pilates and Yoga combined. The sportsbra isn't padded so it's best suited for these kinds of activities. I also don't like to get my Nike Thea's cherrywood dirty by sweating too much and with these classes you don't really need your shoes, so I don't have to worry about that when I'm going to class.

Legging | Bershka
Top | H&M
Sportsbra | H&M
Shoes | Nike
Coat | H&M
Beanie | Zara

The second outfit is based on Medium impact activities. Activities includes more powerlifting. I'd like to go to the 'Bodypump' classes. You don't do cardio for this class but you will be doing some lifting which can be straining your chest. So a soft padded sportsbra is nice to wear. The shoes isn't necessarily fitted for lifting, they are runningshoes, but these ones fits the best with these leggings from Primark.

Legging | Primark
Top | Pieces
Sportsbra | Primark
Shoes | Nike
Tunnel sweater | Dickies
Jacket | River Island

The last outfit is based on High impact activities. I'd say running and 'bodycombat' fit into that category. I sweat quite a lot when doing cardio, so I need something light and loose around my upperbody, so this thin top from Primark is perfect. Also I like the pink peeking through the top.

Legging | Forever21
Top | Primark
Sportsbra | Primark
Shoes | Nike
Coatigan | Zara

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