Sunday, January 25, 2015

MBFWA 15 | MAISON the FAUX (part 1)

The first show I went to was the collection "C'est vrai ou c'est FAUX?" by MAISON the Faux.
I've done some research beforehand and the three young Dutch designers are known for their crazy fashion shows and extravagance and I must say they did not disappoint! 

As we went inside for the show, you see these clothing racks standing and models were still getting ready for the show, doing their makeup. As a guest you can just walk through the clothes and take pictures of models. At this point I was still a little confused of the whole set up. As the show is beginning, two MC's are announcing that the show is about to start and that the models have to get ready. And then the models were standing in line at the beginning of the 'supposed' catwalk. Than visuals are appearing on the walls and then the coin dropped. It was a reversed catwalk!
The audience is sitting backstage and are behind the scenes, while the models walk to the 'catwalk' which is actually the real backstage. Confused already? Well I kinda was, it was in one word some crazy wild shit. I didn't really know where to look at, on the one side, some crazy changing of clothes are mad while on the other side some half clothed people are chilling on a sofa added with some people running around. Meanwhile I am trying to take pictures, but everyone is moving too fast for me to capture it. 

But apart from the craziness, the collection is pretty bold and quite intriguing. I love how they don't have any limits in everything really. The graphic lettering reminds me a bit of Alexander Wang sport collection and some clothing reminds me of the '70s disco fashion with the flared jeans and extreme off shoulder tops. I just loved how they made it a real show to be reminded of. To show it differently than everyone else. It's maybe not the best way to portray some pieces and give it as much attention as it deserved, but it definitely is a show to never forget. 

What do you think of this crazy show by MAISON the FAUX?

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