Sunday, January 25, 2015

MBFWA 15 | MDH By Marije de Haan (part 2)

The next show was the fall/winter 2015 'all colours agree in the dark' collection by Marije de Haan. It's my first menswear show and I absolutely love this being the first I visited. You'd think that because of it being menswear, I wouldn't be inspired by their show, but you'd be quite surprised. I love the colours she used for this collection. I saw blue, pastel pink and all shades of grey. The collection felt laid-back, yet there's this strict vibe to it. It's the way the models walk and wear these buttons up. There are a few things that is seen in every look, you never see a shirt tucked in and all pants are loosely fitted at the crotch area, sorta like drop crotch pants. 

The show starts with a woman wearing this mask on her head, which kinda reminds me of a scary movie I wouldn't want to see in the dark. And then the minimalist style of clothes follow. My favourite piece has to be the blue button up with the long tail. But I'm not so sure of the drop crotch pants though, it can quickly be seen as a pair of pyjama buttons, this is specially the case with the blue striped piece. I do love the styled button up look with the relaxed joggers look.

What do you think of this menswear collection by Marije de Haan?

x J.

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