Friday, November 6, 2015

PERSONAL | I am not a label

Usually I don't post about these kind of topics but I felt it was important to me enough to share it with you guys. Enough about that famous instagram model, who I've never heard about before she supposedly revealed social media secrets.. Talk about what really matters. I leave my thought about that matter in another post maybe. What I really want to talk about is this video I've stumbled upon on Facebook. You know when something just clicked. You just keep nodding your head because you completely agree with anything that's been said. This is what Prince Ea did to me with this video about 'labelling people'. It's something that's been bothering me a while.

I hate it when people have this prejudice against a certain label. Like when people ask me if I eat rice everyday because I'm Asian, I mean would that person be asking that if I was a caucasian? But what I hate the most are people who pity themselves for being a certain label. They feel offended for every criticism they get and blame it on their 'label'.  There was this interview about a new movie, the 'white' producer said to the 'black' interviewer that it was important to have a diverse cast for the movie but not necessarily in the crew. As you would've guessed. People were all going mad about what he had said. The interviewer responded with "Wow, ok", was clearly offended and people on twitter were already bashing on him. But if you listen closely and just let him explain a bit more, it's actually logical. You shouldn't base your crew upon racial diversity, but you should base it on skill. Who wouldn't want to have the best director or scriptwriter regardless of their race. The only thing that needs to be considered is to give everyone a chance to apply for the job.
People get so easily offended and are so touchy about their labels that it's sometimes hard to reason with them.

At first I couldn't put my annoyance into place. But after watching this, it suddenly was all clear to me. It's the labels! I hate being, using labels or even thinking in labels. It's hard not to do so, because we are already so used to it that it's almost impossible not to. Almost, which is why this message is so important. Labels won't go away within a decade, but as cheesy as it sounds, it all starts with changing yourself first. It won't be easy and probably something to easy forget. But try to remember before you judge someone, is it because of their own 'me' or is it because of their 'label'. Or just repeat this video over and over again so you'll be reminded. Seriously though this video is on point.

Imagine what great things will arise if we put labels behind us.

If there were no labels to hold us back. No label to define us.

What do you think of this message?

x J.

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