Saturday, November 21, 2015

Quick update | Taiwan winter essentials

I've been 'living' in Taipei for almost a week now and I say 'living' in between quotations because up until now it just feels like going on a holiday. In case you haven't seen my latest vlog, I was travelling to Taiwan with my parents. I'm 23 years old and my parents still worry over me, so that's why they wanted to join me for a few days first. I've been busy with arranging school, getting a bank account and getting a Taiwanese phone number. I've also been exploring the neighbourhood, the metro system and visited some night markets. In the next vlog I'll be talking to you about my first impressions and show you a bit of Taipei. In the upcoming days I'm a free agent and will be able to do this vlog!

But first. I thought it would be fun on my thoughts on how to dress for Taipei in the winter season.
The weather is nothing like in the Netherlands.. at least for what I'm experiencing at this moment. The weather in the afternoon is hot but still windy and sometimes even rainy.

So this Rains raincoat is perfect for the weather in Taipei. The material of this raincoat is light, so it doesn't get too hot but still manage to break the wind and shelter you from the rain. I'm so happy I got this eventually over the ones from Stutterheim which I was dying to have. Another thing I have been into lately is wearing a plain black cap. I just think it makes the outfit a tat more interesting and it will help me through the rain as well.
As I'll be going to school, this leather laptopbag is a musthave. I think the model is classic and timeless. I think it will suit with any outfit. I found this one from Burkely at They have other classic and timeless designs on the website. They are a bit pricey but for genuine quality leather it's okay to splurge sometimes.
Even though I know I can walk on my trusty ankleboots which I've been wearing non stop back in the Netherlands, it is so much better wearing sneakers around in Taipei. You'll be walking a lot even when you're planning to take the MRT, you'll find yourself walking more than you think. And it's so much easier when you have to take the stairs etc. 
Another thing you must have is a camera. You'd want to take pictures. There's always something interesting to capture on film. May it be the people, food (almost everytime it's the food) or just the streets of Taipei, you'll regret not taking it with you. I must admit I've been lazy to grab my camera when I see a great opportunity to do so, because I'm thinking myself I'll be here for a while, I can take the shot another time. But be honest, you won't do so till it's too late. Or the lightning or the moment isn't right anymore. So don't hesitate to take the shot! This is also a reminder for me.

What do you think of my musthaves?

x J.

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