Monday, November 30, 2015

VIDEO | This is how I spent my weekend in Taipei

Here with another video, don't worry I'll be posting outfit pictures soon as well. But last weekend was filled with cultural activities, so you can imagine how much I filmed and I had to put in a video of course.

I visited three cultural attractions. First one is the 'National Palace Museum'. This museum was filled with all kinds of historic scriptures, ornaments and art from wayyy back. First let me give you my backstory. I know absolutely nothing about the history of Taiwan, which is shameful I know. So when I got there I was kinda lost. I was seeing all this old ornaments without really knowing what it's about and the museum was packed. And I mean really packed. There were probably 10 tour groups at a time. So walking around at your own pace was quite difficult. There was this area about an emperor ordering frenchmen to make copper plates which really blew my mind. You could watch a short (not really though it was about 45min and without sound) film about how art played an important role in eternalising accomplishments of emperors at that time. And how France was important to them. This suddenly made me realise how real this was. How much history everything had. So my time there was quite pleasant. 

Second thing was the Chiang Kai Sheik Shilin Residences. This place was packed as well. As the previous attraction, I didn't really know much about the place. I went there with a family whom I'm acquainted to (to make it short) and she told me several things about the place, which I guess is pretty important for Taiwanese people. We went to see the flower garden. It was supposedly the last weekend that they'll be exhibited. So we went there. The flowers weren't that spectaculair, but it's quite nice to see a bit of nature and green. I was more interested in the buildings and people there actually.

My favourite cultural activity, which you probably can guess already was the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. It was a really last minute thing to go to. I was just browsing in my LonelyPlanet guidebook and after I saw it, I was at that place within 45 minutes (roughly). I went there with a purpose to visit the Taiwan Design Museum and (if I could make it) the Red Dot Museum. The museums were situated in an old tobacco factory, which made the inside kinda industrial and interesting. There was this Deutsch Design exhibit and European Design at the (International part) of the museum, which was fine but I've seen it quite often already. You could see some stuff for Braun and Alessi, nothing I haven't seen already. Which was a bummer but nothing I can do about. Other designs were interesting though. I don't know if I've missed anything, but I was done looking around after an hour, so I went outside and walked around the area a bit and saw this other exhibit by GQ. This was most definitely my favourite. It was interesting and inspiring. It reminded me a bit of the 'Kunsthal' at Rotterdam. It was about dreaming big and having the courage to do so. I didn't want it to be a long post, which it already is. But I wanted to expand on my experience of this particular exhibition in an other post.

I like the way the video turned out. I think this is more up in my alley than the vloggy type of videos. I'm just still so awkward on video. I'll learn in time though. Let me know what you think of the video in the comments below.

x J.

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  1. amazing dear..i really like to visit this place

  2. It seemed like you had a great time in Taipei! I have heard that there are a lot of places to go eating in Taipei, and I really want to try all the things I can eat (except wild animals) lol Btw, I love the BG music too :)


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