Wednesday, November 18, 2015

TAIWAN VLOG #1 | On my way to Taipei

I'm having some trouble with jet lag, which is a bad thing cause I have to be up early but a good thing since I can finish my first Taiwan vlog... Which isn't really about being in Taiwan but more about travelling to.

Couple of thoughts that went through my mind since I've arrived;
1. It's hot (I've been told that it's going to be cold, despite the weather forecasts)
2. Don't get run over by cars/bikes
3. Foodies!
4. I wish everyone just assume I can't speak Mandarin, so I won't have to embarrass myself first
5. How much is it in euros?
6. So cheap!
7. I wish I had a film crew

I'm now at my second night in Taipei and it still feels like I'm just on a holiday.

See you in the next vlog!

x J.

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