Wednesday, December 17, 2014

GIFT GUIDE | Smartphone gadgets

It's that time of the year again.. Christmas songs on the radio, all kinds of decorations around the house and if you live in The Netherlands, you'd see 'oliebollen' stands on every corner of the streets. Oliebol is a Dutch/Belgian pastry, which taste a bit like a doughnut, made around new years eve. It's my guilty pleasure around this time of the year especially the ones filled with raisins.

This time of the year is not all about food, although it plays a huge part, it's also about giving.
Giving each other love and of course presents, lots and lots of present. Presents are definitely not only restricted to kids and youngsters, so here's my little Christmas gift guide for us supposedly 'adults' or try to act like one for that matter. These gifts are specifically for the smartphone.

Smartphone Virtual Reality Viewer by Dodocase
This is probably one of my favorite gift to receive myself (or I could just steal it from my brother), my inner geek for gadgets comes out with this. It's a kit to build a VR viewer out of cardboard after you download the app on your smartphone you can start using it right away. Put your phone in the viewer and enjoy the experience. I've played the one where you sit in a rollercoaster and you actually feel yourself moving with it. This kit costs 20 euros.

Selfie stick or selfie remote
This is probably the most used maybe even gained a 'negative' reputation word of this year (or was it last year?), but it still is very useful for those who like to take pictures while traveling or while they go somewhere. There are lots of selfie sticks around but those ones with bluetooth is definitely the best ones out there. Just sync and pair the stick with your phone and your good to go. I think this definitely would be useful in concerts where you want to film the performer, especially if your as short as me. You can get it almost everywhere online, but if you're in a hurry and in need of one right away, you can buy it at HEMA for 12 euros.

Sometimes you want to take a picture of yourself and your friends at a great distance, that's where the selfie remote comes in handy. You download the remote cam app and the camera responds to the sound the remote makes by pressing the button. The reach is not that big though, probably somewhere between 3 and 5 meters. You can buy this at HEMA as well for 10 euros.

That's my gift guide for this year. I hope to have helped you with finding the right gifts for your loved ones!

What do you think of these presents?


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