Thursday, December 18, 2014

HOW TO | Rudolf the rednosed reindeer hairbun

Christmas is about having a jolly good time. And what better way to make people smile and have them feel the christmas spirit? This DIY/hair tutorial will show you how to transform your hair into a christmas reindeer and will make people smile guaranteed!

A friend of mine showed me a picture of this girl with a similar hairstyle and I thought it was such a cute hairstyle for a fun christmasbrunch with some friends and family.

This tutorial will take about 4 minutes to do tops. Click below to see the full tutorial.

What do you think of this Christmassy hair tutorial? 
Would you dare to wear this?

x J.

step 1
Cut the two chenille stems into 4 equal pieces and wrap one stem onto another stem at a different length of each other, this will be form the antler of the reindeer. Attach a bobby pin to the end of the stem so your hair can hold it.

step 2
Onto the eyes and the nose. Pull the sticker of the back of the eye slightly, so a bobby pin is between the eye and the paper. Press the the bobby pin and paper tightly. For the nose, pin the bobby pin through the pom.

step 3
Use a hair elastic to put your hair in a ponytail. Place the ponytail at the middle of your head.

step 4
This step is where the donut comes into hand. This is how I use the donut, it is quite different than the usual steps but here it goes. I put the end of my ponytail through the hole of the donut and start wrapping it over the donut. I continue to roll the donut tightly to the roots of my hair. This will keep the bun tight onto my head.

step 5
Pin the nose at the middle of the bun and stick the eyes and antlers in your hair. And there you have it! A fun hairstyle to go through Christmas!

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