Tuesday, December 9, 2014

ootd | a day in Amsterdam

Today was supposedly a productive day where I would work on uni stuff, but as usual I grabbed any chance of procrastination, so when my sister asked if I wanted to come with her and my mom to Amsterdam, which is a 40minutes drive, I couldn't say no..
The weather outside was chilly but the sun managed to peek-a-boo every now and then, unfortunately the rain as well. That's when I decided to buy this fedora at Forever21 to keep my hair a bit dry, which was a real steal! Originally priced 13 euros down to 8euros. Don't know how long this discount will last, so grab one while you can! I'm wearing a comfy sweater which I'm obsessed with lately (I have it in another colour as well) and paired it with some tights and a skort, which you probably don't see clearly in the pictures. Fun fact about me, I don't like to bring a small bag with me when I'm shopping in a crowded city like Amsterdam. Call me paranoid but when I walk through a crowded street, I just assume that at least 55% of the people there are pickpockets. Blame the multiple times I got pick pocketed in the past and the feeling of anxiety and the thought of you bursting in tears in the middle of the street are just things you don't forget easily. By wearing small bags, you gain more risks of being pick pocketed. So this big leather/suede red bag is perfect for shopping in Amsterdam. I bought it in a stand at the WinterFair a while ago and can't seem to remember the name of the shop. I will come back to it when I remember. After doing some digging, I found the shop's name. It's from a Dutch online webshop Jumpings. I'm sorry to announce that they don't do international shipping..

Anyhow, we visited several stores and I bought a few things along the way that I can't wait to show you guys (will post about it in tomorrow's post). On top of it all, I get to eat at my favourite Thai, which made it a perfect ending of the day.

What do you think of my outfit?

hat | Forever 21
cowl sweater | Forever 21
jacket | H&M
skort | Primark
ankle boots | H&M
bag | unknown  Jumpings

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