Thursday, December 25, 2014

GRWM | Fancy Christmas Dinner

My friends and I always gather around to celebrate christmas each year. And this year we decided to have a fancy dinner (by fancy, I really mean fancy..). We went to an Asian fusion with French cuisine restaurant to have a 5-course meal, which was more 8 courses if you asked me. Even though the check was a stab in my heart it was worth the money to spend the evening with friends. 

I wore this blue laced dress by Forever21, I have been eyeing this dress for a while but was still hesitating because it was originally priced 30euros, which isn't a lot for a dress but I wasn't sure if the dress would suit me. When it went on sale for 17euros, I immediately put in the online shopping bag, I guess when things go on sale, my previous doubts were gone. Fortunately it fits and I received the dress along with some other stuff just in time for dinner. I knew I could rely on the superb fast shipping time provided by Forever21. (I don't get paid for saying that) 

What are you doing around this festive times?

PS. I didn't have time to take pictures while I'm actually wearing the outfit, but I will do a three-festive-outfits-post I wore around the festivities. So stay tuned for more festive outfits.

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