Thursday, December 4, 2014

NEW IN | Costes soft pink coatigan

It was a bit of unexpected haul that day, but I was hanging out in the city and it was one of those days where you want/need to buy something but can't seem to like anything enough to spend the money. So when I saw this pink coat I was quite pleased especially since it's on sale and I have really been digging costes for a while now, so it was a no-brainer that I was going to buy it. There were two other colours available, a bit of a dirty light blue and a brownish grey one. I eventually got the soft pink one since I didn't own any pink coats before. The fabric is a mixture of polyester, wool and mohair, which gives it the hairy look to it. Don't be fooled though, the fabric seems warm and fluffy but it's quite the contrary. The texture is neither soft or rough, somewhat in the middle and it's quite thin. So you definitely need a warm vest underneath it, which makes the weather bearable. That's probably why they call it a 'coatigan' (I've learned a new term, yay). Despite that this coat doesn't really work as a winter coat, I couldn't leave it behind for 45 euros (originally
 90 euros). 

What do you think of this coat?

x J.

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  1. I have been looking for a pink coat like that for so long! I really love the look of it, and I like that it's pink, but not too girly girly :)

  2. Wat issie mooi! Dat kleurtje blijf ik nog steeds leuk vinden! XO

    Ik geef een setje double pearl oorbellen weg voor kerst. Doe jij al mee?


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