Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NEW IN | the long journey in finding the perfect zipper-in-front boots

I've been obsessed by shoes with a zipper in front ever since I saw a pair at a vintage store in Antwerp a year ago. I regretted not buying it so much, that it kinda became a mission in life to find one. I've encountered a few in the last year, but I never felt 'right' with it. I think the first pair that really peaked my interest the same as the ones at that particular vintage store a year ago, are the ones from Monki the summer collection 2014. At that time, I was a bit unsure because of the price ( I was probably broke), so I thought I waited it out till the sale.. And of course it flew off the shelves quite quickly so it didn't even make it to the sales or me able to buy it. And there's a similar one currently available at Forever21, here, which I've bought online and decided to return it because I didn't like the chunkiness of it and the material was not something I was looking for.

This one tho.. I couldn't resist. I didn't even know Zara was selling them (I usually look at their lookbook) until I was visiting the shop in Amsterdam. It was something I knew I had to buy even though it cost more than I was willing to spend but I had the money and the shoes were there.. I couldn't resist. I bought a size smaller than I usually wear and it fits perfectly. 

What do you think of these boots?

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